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      Dopp Kits

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      Tan Tan
      £119.00 Perfect for EarPods, Chargers, Notepads and more
      Dopp Kit Dopp Kit
      £89.00 Perfect for EarPods, Chargers, Notepads and more

      Our Dopp Kits have been thoughtfully designed to help you conquer the clutter and help you carry all your essentials around in a smooth fashion, may it be at work, travel or through the city.
      They perfectly fit into most bags and help you carry from chargers, to wallets, glasses, notepads, cords and anything in between.
      Our Dopp Kits are the all-purpose companion for the digital roamers, the adventurers, the tech geeks and anyone in between who wishes to carry, the better way.

      Clever Organisation To Help You Conquer The Clutter

      Carry all your gear smartly organised in our Dopp Kits and conquer the clutter. Perfect for your everyday, travel, and more, keep things handy, untangled and neatly tucked in for whenever you need them.

      Functional Designs With Timeless Aesthetics

      True to our design’s vision, our Leather Dopp Kits have been thoughtfully designed and built to last, all with a timeless touch so they never go out of fashion.

      Compact Designs That Pack a Punch

      Our Dopp Kits allow you to cleverly and easily carry from AirPods to A6 Notepads, chargers, pens, keys, mouse, cords and more. Say good bye to the carry chaos. The inner pockets allows you to stash your stuff well organised.

      Responsibly Sourced, Durable Materials

      Handcrafted using premium, responsibly sourced, durable materials that have been chosen for their touch, usability, durability and other factors that makes them unique.