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      Zip Coin Wallets

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      Tan Tan
      £59.00 High capacity coin pouch with an extra functional interior
      Tan Tan
      £49.00 Compact design, for cards and coins. Small enough to fit inadvertently in your pockets

      Handcrafted by the most skilled Spanish craftsmen and materials made only from full grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather – Harber London offers leather zip coin wallets that offer unmatched elegance.

      All-Rounder, Hard-Wearing Leather Coin Wallets

      Timeless aesthetics, clever Wallet architecture and hard-wearing, responsibly sourced materials make our products unique. Our Coin Pouches have been thoughtfully designed to help you discover better ways to carry.

      Functional, Timeless, Coin Pouch Wallet Designs

      Our Card Holders are Slim and are built to last following our timeless design approach, through clever product architecture, durable premium materials and expert craftsmanship, ensuring that they will always be functional, last you and never go out of fashion.

      Stash Your Coins & Folded Bills in Our Coin Wallets

      Gain complete carry control and conquer the clutter, our Coin Wallets help you keep everything neat and tidy inside your pockets, helping you hit the city panic-free and have a smooth ride, anywhere you go.

      Responsibly Sourced, Durable Materials

      Our Coin Pouches are handcrafted using premium, responsibly sourced, durable materials that have been chosen for their touch, usability, durability and other factors that makes them unique.