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Johannes Drakenberg
Awesome, but not as awesome as i expected

So, first of. I cannot belive how quick this got to me, ordered on a thursday lunch, from spain, had it by my door in Stockholm 24h later, WOW!

As for the bag, i use a ipad pro with magic keyboard, it sits nicely, but you cannot have the pencil sit on the unit.
Ii wish there was a model which could fit this unit perfectly, on the companys picture, you see a 13” mbp, this goes over the edge, the ipad sits just below the line, so you wont see it. Nice in a way, but i wish that extra space was removed (an ipad version would rock)

As for the bag’s sturdyness, kind of bad, i tried jamming different things into it, but quickly learned that it wont take nearly as much as one could wish, fitting a 60w charger would never work, a 45w charger wont do either, i could fit the 18w charger ABOVE the ipad not to create weird bumps in the bag, it’s essentially a thin folio, and there is little to no space inbetween, it would have been amazing with about 1-2cm of ”air” for your gear to sit stressfree (reducing bumps on the outer barriers of the bag)
Having some sort of wall/hard material on the outer sides would have been nice, the bumps does not make for a nice look. Plan your tech accordingly.

As for the holders, most holders are super wide, meaning you cannot fit smaller items into them, also, ofc, they are made out of leather, so they wont flex back, you kind of have to be sure what to fit where before you go ahead, and stick to that plan.

The messenger style bag is WAY to long, and a bit to thin.
I had to reduce it to half to make it fit ok, i was lucky to have ordered some leather cable straps at the same time, these would hold the excess band in place on the other side, i guess i’ll find a more elegant/permanent solution to this, oh, and there is no felt lining on it, just leather on both sides (not a biggie, but i saw that in a review)

It will take an a4 on either side, but you will need to have something to keep it flat (an ipad, for example) in order to not wrinkle it

The pencil holders does not seem to be able to hold larger sized pens, more like the apple pencil and sizes alike.

All in all though, i am happy with the purchase, and will wear it with pride, i guess i will have to invest in some sleeker gadgets, shorter cables in order to reduce unnecessary bulk which results in bumps.

I would recommend this bag, i wrote this review simply because i wish someone posted it before me.

I ordered black, and it feels nice, except for some of the things listed above.

Hope this was helpful to any potential buyers.

Picture of my current setup: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0r6Ns1zUNGz0jKIxCvCHveJ0g (usb c>3,5mm, apple watch 1m & Thumbdrive in the coin department)
Picture from the side (having optimized bulkyness): https://share.icloud.com/photos/0qufriwUSuOgQM3ZsTXQ0qxvA
Picture on the band: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0lYnR7Av-m2-bQws_cHT7lPNg

Angel Viñas Barba


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