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Three Reasons why the Leather and Felt Desk Mat Should Be Your Next Buy!

June 18, 2018

Harber London prides itself upon the quality and functionality of its products, which has allowed our esteemed clientele to attain benefits from our product range, as per their need and / or requirement. Our utilised materials including handcrafted premium Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather and 100% Wool felt, has allowed our products to be in a class of their own, with our expert craftsmen at the helm of making each one of our products a class apart.

Since functionality also forms part of our philosophy, we continuously look to provide you with products which are likely to aid you in everyday living, whilst reimagining the structure of the product itself. In doing so, we have introduced the Leather and Felt Desk Mat, perfect for placing your computing devices upon it, whilst providing you with unique benefits, which are outlined below. 


The minimalistic yet innovative design has been tailored in such a way so as to provide a thick wool felt base which will offer you sturdy cushioning, whilst placing your laptop or other devices upon it. Not only does this allow for your device to have a cushion rather it also enables you to protect your desk surface along with your device from any scratches which could potentially occur, when the two come into contact without the base.


Desk Mat - Harber London

Leather and Felt

As the name of the product suggests, the desk mat incorporates both leather and felt in its design, hence providing the best of both worlds. The padded felt allows for extra protection whilst the premium Full Grain Vegetable tanned leather, with its ageless design and look adds to the timeless look of your desk.     


Desk Mat - Harber London

Keeps Your Desk Tidy

Now we all know how cumbersome it can get to sort out the cables which are linked to the various devices we have placed on our desks, whilst if you don’t sort these cables out your desk can end up looking untidy and cluttered. Therefore, the Leather and Felt Desk Mat provides a cable cut, which allows for your desk cables to remain untangled and all within one place. Not to mention, the former enables your desk to look clean and clutter less, provided you effectively utilise the cable cut.  

The Leather and Felt Desk Mat is available in tan, black and navy colours, with the size options being medium or extra large as per your requirement (the dimensions can be viewed via our website).

For further information on the Leather and Felt Desk Mat, along with any of our other products, you can browse our website (https://www.harberlondon.com) or contact us through our provided contact form.

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