Fancy a Slim Leather Macbook Sleeve Case to Keep your Laptop Safe?

March 29, 2018

When it comes to sleek and luxurious looking accessories, style truly counts. However, when you are on the hunt for the perfect Macbook Pro cover, style should never compromise protecting your precious machine from even the lightest scuffs or grits.

The right Macbook Pro Case should not only boast a slim and stylish leather finish, but also have sleeves that effortlessly protect every side and corner of your laptop when closed. What’s more, you should be able to easily slide your laptop into the sleeve. The ideal Macbook Pro sleeve would easily allow you to glide the zippers back and forth and keep moisture out, should you accidently spill any water or coffee over it.


Harber London Leather Sleeve

Give That Macbook of Yours the Protection it Deserves

You probably know how light the Macbook Air is – you might even accidently throw it out in the trash in case it gets mixed up with old books or paper dinner plates. And just because it’s an Apple product layered with the best-quality aluminium does not mean that it’s not subject to any kind of damage; it is, after all, made to travel.

Be it a Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air, the kind of protection it needs depends a lot on where you are taking it. A leather Macbook cover can give your laptop more than ample protection, especially if you’re in the habit of jamming your computer into overhead compartments in airplanes. And no matter what kind of Macbook Pro case you choose, you definitely want to make a personal style statement while it does its job.

In fact, a brand new Macbook Pro sleeve can also act as the perfect boardroom companion – why not impress that new client with your sleek Macbook cover as you exchange business cards?

Now, it’s understandable that as a proud Macbook Pro owner, you may be tempted to show the world that flagship Apple logo. However, this isn’t the most practical thing to do as you need to protect your laptop from undue wear and tear; even if you keep it in a bag, chances are it may get scuffed due to being exposed to elements within that bag.

Invest in a leather Macbook sleeve now and enjoy superb protection no matter where your Macbook goes with you. If you’re looking for laptop sleeves that are as stylish as your shiny Macbook Pro, Harber London has you covered.


Harber London Leather Sleeve

Safe, Sleek and Just Plain Sexy

Picture a Macbook Pro case that’s made from Full Grain vegetable tanned leather made by the finest craftsmen in Spain. Or, perhaps the 100% Wool Felt, a natural fiber harvested from sheep. The highly saturated non-woven material in your Harber Macbook cover can never be pulled apart, naturally repels soiling and is static as well as moisture resistant.

Enjoy the super-slim design and minimalistic look that’s perfect for the standard Macbook, Macbook Air and the new Macbook Pro lineup. Harber also offers the latest Macbook Pro retina case to complement your sporty yet elegant taste in Macbook covers.

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