5 Must-Haves to Get That Slick Executive Look

December 17, 2017

In today’s corporate culture, the last thing any man wants is to give the impression that he is easily-replaceable. This is where the need for a good wardrobe selection comes in, one that strikes the right balance between style and your workplace dress code, making you stand out from your peers.

To compliment that slick style and panache of yours, here are top accessories we feel are absolutely essential to nailing that high-flying executive look:


A Watch to Impress 

Although expensive watches reveal that you are no slouch when it comes to spending big, they also point to the fact that you have a penchant for appreciating the long-lasting and finer things in life.

Business and corporate insiders suggest investing in top world-class brands like Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer and Hublot; time-pieces which are likely to last you throughout your entire career, and might just might leave your boss speechless.  


Command Class and Elegance in Your Writing

When it comes to the modern working man, finer men’s accessories like bow ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares are appreciated in every corner of the business world. You might want to add a classy-looking pen to the list too, perhaps along the lines of a Mont Blanc, Parker or Sheaffer.

Whether they are branded fountain pens or the latest new ballpoint pen craze, keen business executives have an observant eye that can pick up the little details on your pen’s writing tip or pocket clip.

You could also get one of those personalised engraved pens with your name on it; perhaps, something you might want to present to someone special when the time is right.


A Cologne to Enchant

 Besides the clothes or sleek accessories you wear, colognes play a crucial role in defining your persona and character. People remember you better, based on the colours and particularly, the cologne you wear. Choose a cologne that speaks to your personality; go with either a bold, sporty, cool or mild fragrance, depending on your workplace aesthetics.


Walk the Walk             

Ever heard “Shoes make the man”?

Of all the items in men’s wardrobe, shoes are the most important element of style through which people form an impression about you.

Get yourself a pair of nice leather shoes with a neutral tone that matches up seamlessly with any kind of formal business wear.


A Wallet that Bears Testament to Good Taste

We have seen many men suck the last ounce of life out of wallets they have been using for years on end; some, in fact, do not even bother throwing away the useless muddle that has been stored inside for God knows how long. We understand that you men develop a unique attachment to your daily-use accessories over time, but do consider the fact that a proper, nice-looking wallet is essential to round off that classy executive appearance.

Do not wait for your current wallet to tear apart on its own. Give your hard earned cash a facelift by getting a stylish wallet. Leather wallets are really the way to go since no artificial material can compete with genuine leather’s durability and style.

Check out the best collection leather wallets at Harber London, handcrafted with Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection.

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