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      In Harber we make every possible effort to ease our environmental foot print. We select our partners and materials from highly responsible suppliers. This includes our leathers, wool felt, packaging,going paperless and even choosing our courier and transport providers as green as possible. 

      We know that it is extremely difficult to control every aspect to make everything eco friendly, but we try our best and will be open to new ideas and constantly improve ourselves.  



      We ignored traditional chrome tanning straight away and went all the way to vegetable tanning (pure or mixed), although it has an environmental impact, it is kinder and more respectful with the environment.



      The process involved in making wool felt is a lot kinder to the environment than conventional methods intended for the creation of man made synthetic fabrics. Wool is a natural renewable material that can be obtained in a sustainable fashion, it is biodegradable and can also be recycled. 



      We use the least paper as possible, the only way we would use paper is when sending any goods to you or receiving them from our small workshop in Spain (only when strictly necessary). For almost everything else we use digital communications. 



      We purposely left our packaging as plain as possible since here is where we can make the biggest difference. 

      We use recyclable carton envelopes so that if you don’t want them you can recycle them again, should you want to re-use them, we kept branding as minimal as possible so that you can give them a second chance and send them for a trip. 

      We hand stamp them, to ensure the least use of machinery or chemicals involved.

      We selected to use a nice fabric bag so that instead of throwing wrapping paper or any other material to the bin, you can use the bag to store shoes, or use them for whatever else you wish around your home or office.

      The plastic bag used is made out of Polytuf, this is a material made from recycled HDPE plastics, the ones that come from milk jugs or detergent bottles for example.

      Paper for delivery addresses, well yes we have to use it for now...



      We use both Royal Mail for domestic deliveries and FedEx for international deliveries, both their environmental policies provide an overview of commitment to conduct their businesses in an environmentally responsible manner.