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Class act (not me, the case!)

Having finally succumbed to the fact that, more often than not, I look like a student going through a mid-twenties crisis, I decided to splash out and get a MacBook case that didn't look like the offcuts of a wetsuit.

Trying your hand at being an entrepreneur is not for the feint hearted, not least because you're always aware that few take you seriously. You can wear all the mismatched blazers and trousers you like, but pulling your laptop out of a boring cut of neoprene or highly sensible 'kevlar' case is the equivalent to turning up to a date in a Fiat Panda and pretending you're a bad boy.

This Folio Case on the other hand is a touch of class. You're not an Apple Sheep and prepared to buy their leather outfit for an embossed fruit logo, but you're willing to drive off the beaten track and go niche.

The leather is beautiful. It smells like what you would imagine a fine craftsmen to smell like; which is to say that if you can ignore his sweat from hours of labour, potentially sweaty socks and certainly a whiff of tobacco, you would eventually be smelling this case. The zipper is chunky but feels as secure as this mans promises, the stitching is on-point and the colour is considerably better in real life than the product images. I was a little concerned it would be too dark at first, but it's actually a bit more pistachio in-hand. The fleece lining has the subtle texture of a wild animal that he killed. With his bare hands. (In the most vegan way possible, I'm led to believe, which is to stay that his hands DID NOT touch the infernal animal but were a guiding force for the energy that DID kill it).

And it fits perfectly - not too tight, not too loose. It just glides in and slides out wonderfully with little effort. Takes a little effort at first as the leather needs to stretch but perfectly fine after. A bit like when a fella stumbles across a pair of undergarments that gently cradle the lunchbox. Nothing worse than when the pecker feels like its sandwiched.

Finally, the presentation was immaculate. Arrived in tissue paper and card, no less. Not sure what the significance of these materials are, but it did feel like Christmas morning.

In summary, this is a fine quality item that I am hoping ensures my next capital investment. If it does not then I'll be perfectly happy sitting back and smelling it, to be honest.

Excellent quality!

I purchased this same case six years ago for my old MacBook Pro. It held up so well and was just as beautiful after six years as when I bought it. Naturally when I got a new smaller laptop, I needed to get a new Harber case! Really high quality and worth the investment.

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