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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Camera Strap

September 24, 2018

You’re probably thinking camera straps are no big deal and that it’s as easy as picking up a pair of socks, so why read an article about it, right?

If you’ve spent enough time carrying around a camera all day with the original strap, complete with nagging fatigue, you surely understand the importance of upgrading to a ‘proper’ camera strap.

The thing is, stock or original camera straps don’t really do anything special – this is most likely why the average photographer thinks that all camera straps are the same.

However, the moment you experience the sheer joy and luxury of an aftermarket leather camera strap that’s designed for not only safety, security and comfort but also makes a bold style statement, you will never look back.

Without further ado, here are some things to consider when you’re buying a high quality aftermarket camera strap:


Harber London - Camera Clutch Strap

What’s it Made of?

Materials used in a camera strap are quite important for many reasons – for instance, durability, aesthetics, and namely, comfort. Keeping that in mind, there really is no better adjustable camera strap for DSLR than a leather one, particularly if it’s handcrafted using premium Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather from Spain.

These leathers are known for ageing quite beautifully as they form a unique patina over time. 

Leather can very easily conform to the natural outline of your shoulders and happens to be incredibly durable, even after years and years of use.


Harber London - Camera Clutch Strap

How Good is the Padding?

Durability and comfort in a good quality leather camera strap go hand in hand. When inspecting camera straps up close, pay close attention to how comfortable the padding is. Full leather padding means you can adjust the length as you please without compromising any comfort or functionality, as the padding will seamlessly blend with the contours of your hand or shoulders.

At the end of the day, you need padding that does not rub your shoulder or hand raw and stays put without causing any fatigue at all.


Harber London - Camera Wrist Strap

Can I Easily Hook it up with My Camera?

In your quest for ultimate durability and comfort when it comes to leather camera straps, you’re also going to need one that can be easily hooked up with your DSLR.

Go with a camera strap that focuses on versatility – we’re talking stress-free end lugs and adjustable length as prerequisites. You need hooks that boast stability without adversely affecting comfort, because when you’re busy snapping away, the last thing you want to worry about is one of the ends of the strap getting loose.


Harber London - Camera Wrist Strap

Is it Long Enough?

Ideally, you’d want to choose a leather camera strap that can accommodate anything from small-medium and large hands as well as regular to burly, plus-size shoulders.

The adjustable leather camera strap by Harber London offers plenty of length to easily accommodate short and tall builds. The main body straps span 74x2.5 cm, while the adjustable ends are 21cm long, offering plenty of versatility.

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