Why Every Man Should Sport a Weekender Bag

August 15, 2018

First impressions are all too important, especially when it comes to sparking a conversation which could lead to a meaningful business or personal connection.

For a fact, during these conversations, the non-verbal messages we project go well beyond the way we talk, maintain eye contact or dress up. Not surprisingly, our choice of luggage or accessories tell a story to those around us, so as to whether we’re just a part of the casual tourist crowd, or business executives with a fine eye for quality and timeless style.

Now, we’re not saying that one class of people are better than the other – but what we are saying is that a fellow traveller can immediately relate to you based on what they see. This can be an important factor when building business relationships in particular.

That being said, a man’s journey can become that much more interesting and identify him truly as one with exceptional taste, based on the travelling accessories he likes to carry. The men’s leather weekender bag is one such item that should absolutely be in your travelling arsenal.


Harber London - Weekender Bag

In Case They Don’t Know What a Weekender is (on Mars)  

A weekender bag can be best described as a “gentleman’s” travel bag – a beautiful, leather made travel accessory which can hold just enough toiletries, clothing and incidentals for an extended weekend trip.

Why look like your average “college bro” when you can take a step up from an everyday kind of backpack, and enjoy additional carry capacity with elegance and panache?

Just so you know, your typical weekender bag is a rectangular bag with soft sides that can be zipped across the top length-wise. It has a briefcase-style handle as well as a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

A true men’s weekender bag should be able to qualify as your carry-on flight luggage – it’s typically smaller than your average duffel bag. A nice assortment of materials are available although if you’re looking for one that can last you a lifetime, always go with a weekender that is handcrafted using luxurious vegetable tan leather and German microsuede lining. Talk about a relaxed and casual looking travel accessory with an old school touch that simply won't go unnoticed.


Harber London - Weekender Bag

More Ways a Leather Weekender Can Prove Really Useful 

Even though the name says it all – something you’d pack your stuff in to take with you for the weekend – a weekender can also double up as a fine quality gym bag or beach bag. In fact, you can easily fit a mini picnic in there, including a wine bottle.  

Ditch that backpack and switch to a leather weekender, and you’re giving yourself a timeless look. Walk with deliberate confidence and unrelenting style; just don’t be surprised when the men notice you just as much as the women!

Even if you don’t do much work travelling, you can save your leather weekender for unexpected trips that require quick and easy packing.

Harber London has a penchant for making leather weekender bags that feature front zippered pockets and mega comfortable handles. This men’s weekender has a pocket for everything you may need for travelling within or outside the city. 

Handmade by expert Spanish craftsmen, the Harber men’s leather weekender is a true statement of natural leather quality which ages timelessly.

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