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What a Leather Tech Case Says About You

September 01, 2016

There are all sorts of MacBook cases out there, from the cheap and cheerful plastic to the more sophisticated full grain leather MacBook case. We would never leave the house without first considering our appearance and what our clothes are saying about us, so why should your tech case be any different?

The items we choose to carry with us may say something about who we are as an individual, acting as a way of showcasing our tastes and personalities. From designer sunglasses, right down to the tips of your expensive brogues or grubby old running shoes. Every stitch and every accessory says something about you.


We all value our gadgets and for most of us, we take them everywhere – your MacBook probably accompanies you to the office, to the bar after work and eventually to bed.  Some people are happy to carry theirs in a bargain sleeve they have picked up over the internet. While others will want to make sure that their tech case is sophisticated, head-turning and as high quality as their favourite gadgets are.


To the casual onlooker, a plastic or neoprene case says that you’re easy-going. It might, however, be interpreted as being a little too laid-back and a little less than ‘professional’ – fine in some workplaces, but if the casual look of your tech case extends into other areas of your life then it might not be the appearance you want to cultivate. 

Felt and leather cases are a higher end option. Felt and leather MacBook cases offer great anti-mould, anti-static, fire and water resistance as well as being an eco-friendly sustainable natural material, unlike plastics and other man made fabrics. This case gives a more casual and laid back look, without compromising style.

If you own a full grain leather MacBook sleeve, you’re showcasing some very refined tastes and sensibilities indeed. A leather MacBook case is a statement.  It tells your colleagues and friends that you care, not in a vain or self-absorbed way, but in a way which proves you hold yourself to a certain set of standards. You understand and can appreciate the finer things in life, and you value quality and durability over the careless throwaway attitude so many people live by – not just when it comes to your tech case, but to every aspect of life.


Our handcrafted leather cases are made to last, and look timeless, combining valued traditions whilst still having an eye onto the future. Thoughtfully designed with an old school craft and made from high quality full grain cowhide leather, owning a case like this is almost an attitude.


There’s very little in this life that can beat the smell and feel of full grain leather, so for those of you carrying your precious gadgets in a leather MacBook sleeve, you’re setting the bar high for the rest of the tech-heads out there.

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