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Top iPad Accessories and Extras to Buy in 2019

January 20, 2019

Apple Pencil

Ah, the Apple Pencil – perhaps one of the most widespread and wildly popular iPad accessories today – what’s not to love about it?

Apple lovers have been begging the tech giant for years to grant them a stylus – lo and behold, it finally happened and did they ever deliver!

The stylus not only features best in class pressure sensitivity but also unbelievable battery life, angle detection and much more. Zero lag makes the Pencil extremely useful and whether you’re an artist or a designer, or just someone looking for uncompromising accuracy – the Apple Pencil, hands down, is the iPad Pro Accessory to own.

Even though Apple has left little to the imagination with the Pencil, what might make it even more desirable is a slim iPad Pro Evo with Apple Pencil Holder – letting you carry your iPad pro in luxurious leather coupled with unapologetic style.


Harber London - iPad Leather Sleeve

Screen Guard/Protector

With all that large and shiny glass surface area, the screen can be prone to getting scratched or scuffed – in fact, it can break easily should you accidently drop your iPad. What you want to get is a shatter-proof screen guard to keep your screen looking and feeling brand new all year round.

The iPad Pro 9.7, for instance, comes with a ‘fancy shmancy’ paperwhite feature which allows the screen to change according to different ambient lighting conditions. However, the reflective glass can be a blessing and a curse, so to speak. What we recommend is a matte screen guard to tone down that shine slightly and make your iPad feel more like regular paper.

There’s another benefit to this – the matte texture doubles as a superb drawing surface while using the Apple Pencil. So you can forget about trying to ‘finger-ice skate’ on the ultra-slippery screen – with the added friction, those sketches can turn out to be picture perfect.

Smart Keyboard  

We understand that this may not be for everyone, but we just had to mention it. Many folks take their laptop along while travelling, and in this case, the Apple Smart Keyboard easily lets you write and compose anything from lengthy emails to articles or messages that need to be drafted and sent quickly.

Not only is it super-responsive, but also extremely thin and connects with the smart connector. All in all, the Smart Keyboard is a must-have for any iPad traveller.


Harber London - iPad Leather Sleeve

Leather Sleeve Case

There’s nothing better than the dense wool felt body of a leather iPad envelope sleeve case to keep your portable machine secure and safe from all kinds of bumps and scratches.

Minimal stitching and made from 100% Spanish Wool Felt lets you move around in style, with a touch of elegance and sportiness mixed in.

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