Three Leather Products You Never Knew You Needed

May 21, 2018

When you think leather, you may think of intricate designs, fine finishing and an overall timeless look; that is likely what we at Harber London stand for, with our top of the line leather product range, we aim to match your expectations whilst providing you with the best quality product. Innovation and functionality are two aspects which our products pay homage to, with the design of each individual product focusing on the aforementioned. Utilising Full Grain Vegetable tanned leather, in terms of the material used, we ensure the quality of the product along with its clean cut look, which ages beautifully overtime as they form a unique patina.

Here at Harber London we house a plethora of leather products including a wide variety of ranges in small goods, tech sleeves and travel related necessities. However, we have picked out three leather products, each catering to specific propose, as outlined below.


Leather Bifold Zip Wallet - Harber London     

Leather Bifold Zip Wallet with RFID Protection

The common complaint with wallets nowadays is that they tend to become bulky with the onset of coins, currency, cards and other such items. To counter this, we have introduced the Leather Bifold Zip Wallet, which not only has a super slim design but also has a zip coin compartment built within it and fits most currencies, thus doing away from the concept of a bulky wallet. Not to mention it further has RFID protection whereby it provides anti-skimming protection for contactless credit cards & ID cards. To keep the bulk to a further minimum, you can snugly fit four to eight cards in the front pocket plus a further four to eight cards into the inner compartment. The wallet is available in the colours of black and tan, as per your suitability.


Mens Leather Shopper Bag - Harber London

Mens Leather Shopper Bag

Great for day-to-day or travel adventures, the Mens Leather Shopper Bag serves as a multipurpose bag, with its numerous pockets, in various sizes along with its removable functional belt straps, which can hold various items including newspapers, umbrellas and such. It further includes a comfortable leather carrying strap, to make carrying the bag an easy and functional task, as functionality is one of the core aspects which Harber London products provide.  Handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain, with a German Microsuede lining, the leather bag boasts of fine craftsmanship and quality materials, available in the colours of chestnut and black.


Ajustable camera strap - Harber London

Adjustable Leather Camera Strap

Perfect for all you photography enthusiasts out there, the Adjustable Leather Camera Strap is the best fit for your camera, enabling you to adjust the end lugs in between shots for that perfect picture. Its practical design enables you to adjust the length of the strap to the desired length, without compromising upon its functionality or comfort. Further to this, to ensure your comfort, we have made additional provisions in the form of having leather on the neck side of the strap, which is a forefront feature in this newer version of our classic camera strap. The available colours for the adjustable leather camera strap include tan and black.

For further information upon any of our product ranges, you can contact us via our website (, through filling out the given contact form.

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