The Ultimate Solution to Your Tangled Cords Debacle

November 26, 2017

Let us take a wild guess: you wasted at least 10 minutes on your way to work trying to untangle all your cords this morning? Put an end to this nonsense for good by getting yourself a cord organiser.

You are probably wondering out aloud: “Do I really need this?”

Well, the answer to that is a resounding: “Who doesn’t?”


The Makings of a Perfect Cord Organiser

Adjustable Loops

Nothing makes life easier than organisers, and cord organisers specifically are a one-of-a-kind blessing.  Whether you are a cleanliness freak or a completely disorganised mess, the leather roll-up organiser is for everyone who carries daily items like cords, pens, tools or anything that is small enough to be carried in pockets. Since every accessory has varying dimensions, convenient adjustable loops lets you easily fit frequently needed items in your organiser.


Some items such as pennies, charger docks, USBs or cards cannot fit in your organiser’s loops, which is where a small and secure pouch saves the day. Zippers help you store important items that you might lose easily, owing to their compact size.

Durable Material

The material of your organiser is what determines its reliability. If you compare Rexine or canvas with pure leather, the latter wins hands down, because of its sheer durability and strength, without compromising on aesthetics at all.

The best place to find a high-quality leather cord organiser is Harber London which produces 100% genuine leather goods, handcrafted with premium Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather from Spain. Enjoy great material as well as a luxurious look and feel.


How a Leather Rollup Organiser Can be Used:


The adjustable loops on a rollup organiser be used for storing artist pencils, brushes, pens, markers, or any similar writing/painting instrument. You will no longer have to worry about losing your favourite grade of graphite pencil. A rollup organiser also makes for an ideal gift for fine artists, architects and makeup artists.


Carry your tools in an impressive and presentable way. If you are a home owner who is constantly finding ways of mending and improving your living space, while carrying all your tool essentials in an organised manner, this tool wrap holds your accessories safely and securely. So the next time you need the screwdriver for a quick fix, bank on your trusty mini-leather toolkit and get the job done in a flash.


Cut down on time lost and energy wasted while trying to untangle all your cords. Carry your headphones, charger, AUX cable and all other important items with cords in an adjustable looped organiser. Not only will this save your cords from getting tangled, but it will also prevent the damage that follows as a result. Avoid the embarrassment of pulling out a whole bunch of twisted wires right in the middle of a meeting. All it takes is a few seconds – carry all your items securely, instead of wasting half the morning trying to untangle them.

Whether you are planning to take advantage of the features of a roll-up organiser yourself, or wish to gift it to someone who needs it badly, visit Harber London to order your stylish leather roll-up organiser today.

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