The iPad Pro 2: What we know so far

May 26, 2017

 If you are a fan of Apple products, then it is likely that you will already have everything from an ipad leather sleeve to a macbook leather sleeve, as you are sure to want to protect all of your devices that you have spent your hard earned money on. However, one of the most exciting things at the moment is the upcoming release of the iPad Pro 2, which lots of people are really looking forward to buying. Although all of the details haven’t yet been released, there are some things that seem to be fairly certain – so we have put together a list of things that we know so far about the iPad Pro 2.


The release date


There has been no solid release date announced for the device yet, but it seems likely that this announcement will be made soon. There isn’t too much of a demand for brand new tablets on the market currently, so it is perhaps understandable that Apple are holding out and concentrating on other things that are likely to get more of a buzz around them.


The design


It is likely that the general design will stay true to the current version, with the overall tablet being a little slimmer and lighter than the previous one. There is a likelihood that it is going to be water resistant, which is great news to many who spend a lot of time worrying about being able to keep their device safe. The biggest change as far as design goes is the fact that the iPad Pro has followed the trend set by the iPhone 7 – in that there is no headphone port.


The screen


The iPad Pro 2 is likely to be released in three different sizes, which helps individuals to choose a device based on their preferences. It is also likely that a true tone display will be featured, which means that it has the ability to change the colours on the screen based on where you are, in order to adapt to the current lighting, making it easier to see what you’re looking at. This is great news if you like to use your iPad in a number of different situations, including on your commute, in the office, and maybe even in bed in the evening.




Battery life is always a huge issue with Apple lovers – as they often find that heavy usage simple requires too many charges. The iPad Pro 2 is likely to have a bigger battery, meaning that this issue should be dealt with at least to some extent, and users are likely to experience a longer period between charges.


No matter which aspect of the iPad Pro 2 you are looking forward to, it is certain that there are some developments which have improved the technology greatly. This means that you should look forward to the official release date from Apple, which will bring with it the exact details of the new device, and what you can expect from it.