Tangled Cables and Cords? A Thing of the Past!

July 02, 2018

Cables and cords have a nasty habit of getting tangled up at the moment we require them to be open and free. Though admittedly we cannot do away from their need as they have become a necessity to be used within our daily lives; from headphones to USB’s, these cables and cords have become a necessary carry on for whenever we are on the go. Providing the best quality functional products is what sets us apart here at Harber London, with our handcrafted premium Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather products, taking forth our mission for enhanced quality.

Our range of wraps and ties are some of our miniscule yet most innovative inventions, targeting the issues of tied cables and cords, with the following outlining two products which provide a quick fix to the mentioned issue.


Earphone case - Harber London

Leather Earphone Cord Wrap Case               

The perfect companion for when you are on the go, the Leather Earphone Cord Wrap Case is extremely versatile, whereby not only does it offer you a way to keep your earphone cords tangle free, but at the same time provides you with many other functional benefits as well. You can utilise it by wrapping your cables around it in order to keep them tidy inside your pocket, whilst keeping the ear buds inside the wrap for protection or in fact you can also use it to adjust the length of your headphones cables, to the perfect length. Hence proving to be a multi-functional product, through providing versatility in its design and finish.


Cable tidy - Harber London

Leather Cable Ties - Pack Organiser

Provided in a pack of three, the Leather Cable Ties Pack Organiser is the perfect way to keep your cables untangled, whilst the three different sizes add to the functionality aspect of the product. The different sizes allow for the cable organisers to be used as per your varying requirement, for example you may require the small cord for one purpose while the large cord organiser for another. Our recommendation would have to be that the small cord organiser is perfectly suited for EarPods whilst the medium cord organiser is better suited for USBs, along with the large cord organiser more suited for thicker cables. Further to this, with the cable tie securely fastening with a snap button, the hassle of managing the cables is further eliminated from your mind, as once the button is snapped closed, your cables and cords can be tangle free.

For further information upon any of our product ranges, you can browse our website (https://www.harberlondon.com) or you can contact us via our provided contact form.

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