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What are you actually getting?

June 13, 2015

What are you actually getting

It sounds amazing to say that we make our goods with premium full-grain vegetable tanned leathers, but what do all this mean? 

Basically, a hide can be up to 3,5 cm thick and is divided into a few different layers. 

Each layer has its own properties, strength and flexibility, therefore quality varies between them. For instance the outer layer of the hide, is what we call full-grain, because the natural appearance of the leather is preserved, this is literally the best part of the leather that money can buy. This part is the strongest yet most flexible part, like any noble wood, you will be able to appreciate in some occasions the veins or even the mosquito bites on the leather which should not be deemed as defects but as a real statement of natural quality. This part will also develop a natural patina overtime which will add character to the leather as it ages. Not every hide is good enough for this use, and only an approximate of 15% of the hides worldwide can be used as full-grain leathers. This part of the leather is unique in every personal way, and that is what makes it perfect. 

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