Say Goodbye to Camera Handling Woes with the Leather Camera Clutch Strap!

February 26, 2018

DSLR and SLR cameras are some of the used camera types in the photography and/or the videographer world- aided by a standard strap to cater to your photographing needs. However, one issue which does seem to arise is when a tri-pod or some other related gadget is not present, and a hand held shot needs to be take. Known to be heavy handed at times, these cameras at times tend to be difficult to handle especially when you are about to capture the perfect shot and bam! Just like that it’s missed especially if you were taking the shot with one hand or were trying to balance too many things at one time- let us face it, no one wants a blur or hazy shots, now do we? To counter all of this, Harber London, where we pride ourselves on delivering value to our customers, has introduced the Adjustable Leather Camera Clutch Strap! As with all our other products, functionality, ease and convenience in usage whilst following a sleek and luxurious design is what sets Harber London apart. Therefore, accordingly with simplicity and convenience as its core, the camera strap has been handcrafted with premium Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather in Spain, similar to our various other products.


Harber London - Camera clutch

Functionality and practicality

Providing unparalleled grip, this camera hand strap is easy to adjust, which seems like a God-send when carrying the camera around or even utilising in studio shoots or other related projects. As this clutch strap is likely to be used for longer periods of time especially during shoots, the design has been constructed in such a way so as to provide comfort to the holder whilst carrying out the work. Functionality and practicality being our focal point, the easy to change end lugs provide ease of usage allowing for the interchange to any of our camera straps to occur along with 1/4" camera screw being provided. The leather camera strap has been designed in such a way that the length of the strap can be adjusted easily for better performance and ease of usage.


Harber London - Camera Clutch


Available in two colours namely, tan and black the Leather Camera Clutch Strap is set to become one of the cool camera straps available in the market, with the added advantage of convenient delivery- all orders are ready for dispatch the next working day or sometimes even on the same day. As with all our other leather items, the leather will age gracefully as it forms a unique patina overtime, with certain natural marks which depict the true statement of natural quality. For further information on ordering on camera straps, or any of our other product range, visit and choose from a variety of option of innovative and sleek creations, designed with the aim of ‘everyday carry re-imagined’.

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