Polish off Those Dapper Looks with a Slim Card Wallet

December 03, 2017

Even in this day and age, we come across people carrying “fat wallets”, courtesy of the rather visible bulge in their front and back trouser pockets.

Wallet and leather good makers are constantly working to make daily use items more compact so as to reduce cost and storage space. Unfortunately, people are still finding it difficult to conveniently carry cash, ID cards and credit cards.

Let it be known: in this modern internet and smartphone age, where most of your essentials are either in a card form or already present in your smartphone, fat wallets are nearly obsolete.

You can play your part too by getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff you might carry every day, that by the way, might only be needed once a year. Just stick to the essentials such as your personal ID, business card, credit card and that pretty much covers it.


Bulky Wallet Vs Slim Card Wallet

Anyone carrying a fat wallet might not necessarily mean that he/she is super-rich. In the minimalistic world of today, this probably means that the individual may be carrying a lot of useless stuff or has not bothered to clean up his/her wallet in a while. Let us be frank with ourselves: the bare necessities we might need to carry on a daily basis nowadays is fairly limited to personal IDs, credit cards, and a business card perhaps. All your membership cards and social security information is resting securely in your phone.


Why Use a Slim Card Wallet?


“Clean and sleek” is always more presentable than “bulky, overflowing and messy”. These card wallets are compact yet mighty, having enough room to carry more than ten cards at a time.


Since practically everything is now digitalised, carrying piles of cash all the time is quickly becoming a distant memory. Our society is becoming cash-free, so why should our wallets be any different?

Card wallets are highly functional and easy to use. Any time you need a card in a hurry, just slide out whatever you need, whether it is offering your business card to someone or signing off the dinner cheque.

Give Your Backside a Break

Card wallets are an easy and comfortable solution to carry all your essentials. They can easily fit in your front trouser pocket, and there is no hip pain or discomfort that is typically associated with carrying fat back pocket wallets. As an added bonus, your posture will thank you generously.

Slim and Compact is the in Thing

Since the advent of the digital revolution, we have been subconsciously finding ways to save space in order to have a neat and tidy look to their living space as well as dress code. We are quite certain you would rather not be seen as an old-fashioned buzzard looking awkwardly out of place at important events or formal gatherings.

Ready to shift your items to a card wallet? Visit Harber London to find the sleekest, most exquisite leather wallets especially designed to meet the needs of modern executives. All products are handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain, incorporating the finest-quality Full Grain Vegetable Tanned cowhide leather. A major bonus is that Harber’s leather wallets have RFID (Radio-frequency identification) blocking protection against electronic pickpocketing, which gives them a marked edge over conventional leather products available in the market.

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