Office Must-Haves for Every Tech-Head

July 20, 2016

We all know that the office isn’t just a place you go to work to, it’s somewhere you’ll find a healthy bit of rivalry and a fair bit of showing off among tech-heads.  Being able to flaunt the latest must-have accessories is part and parcel of twenty-first century office life, so here is a run down of the top four things you need to be seen with this summer:

  1. A Leather MacBook Case – We all rely on them, but taking your expensive MacBook to and from work can be a risky business and you don’t want to risk scratching it or subjecting it to bumps and knocks. With our premium quality leather MacBook case, you can keep your much-loved screen protected without compromising on style and security. There’s something so decadent and elegant about a hand-made leather product, and with its simple, sleek and modern design, this case is sure to turn a few heads in the office.
  2. Lexon Liquid Desk Tidy - As any office tech-head knows, having cool stuff on your desk is a prerequisite of the modern workplace. We are no corporate drones, so naturally we like to customise our workspaces and make them individual.  This Lexon Liquid Desk Tidy from John Lewis is a little bit quirky in a Salvador Dali-esque kind of way.  Even tech-heads need to resort to good old-fashioned pens and paperclips now and then, but this is a good way to store them without being made to look too ‘square’.
  3. Bose Speakers – You know that Friday afternoon feeling in the office, when everyone is secretly placing Amazon orders and having a clear out of old emails?  It’s the perfect time to put on a few tunes, if the boss will let you get away with it, and a handy set of Bose speakers are just the thing to get the office into that winding-down for the weekend feel. Nice and compact so you can carry it to and from work, this speaker set is reasonably priced for the quality & pretty powerful and pretty cool to look at, too.

  1. Leather Cable Organisers – No vision of the futuristic office features a man untangling the cables of his devices, but twisted and knotted wires are the bane of every tech-head’s life. With phone, tablet and laptop wires all somehow managing to become better acquainted the minute your back’s turned, it can be a frustrating process separating them out. With these quality leather cable organisers you could banish tangled wires forever and save yourself a lot of frustrating unravelling.  Life would just be so much simpler…


So to office tech-heads everywhere we say don’t miss out this summer – it’s the perfect time to do a little showing off, so get yourselves these must-have bits of kit and watch the other tech-fans turning green.