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Is wireless technology the future?

March 13, 2017

There is always plenty of hype about the next big thing when it comes to technology, and one of the things that is expected to become bigger than ever in the near future is wireless technology. If you like to keep up to date then it is also important that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to developments. Here are some examples of some of the wireless technologies that have changed the way we work. Though I'm not too sure we will be throwing away our trusty headphones just yet!

Voice control

Having complete control over everything that we use is something that we all like to have, and voice control, such as Apple’s “Siri” has changed that. Now, a phone owner only needs to say “Hey Siri” in the vicinity of their device to activate the voice control part of their phone, and this means that many things can be achieved, such as phone calls or sending messages, without even having to get up. For many, this type of convenience is something that is really valued.

Remote control via mobile device

We have enjoyed the use of remote controls for a number of years now, however recently it has now become possible to control things such as your central heating and television recorder from your phone – no matter where you are in the world. This type of technology has a huge number of benefits, as it means that it doesn’t make a difference where you are, you have access to practically everything.


We are all familiar with storage for computer files, and if you’re any older than late twenties you are sure to remember the floppy disc – something that most school children of that era were given to help keep work safe. Now, however, cloud storage has taken over, and this means that we don’t have to carry around discs or hard drives; we can simply upload the files to our cloud account and access them from anywhere, whenever we need to.


The announcement of the removal of the headphone socket in the latest iPhone caused quite a stir, however now that the dust has settled, it seems to be something that is simply accepted. This development means that users have the option of using ear pods, which aren’t connected to their phone via a wire, but can be used to listen to whatever audio the phone is sending out at the time. Once you’ve got over the way it looks – it’s a little odd without the wires to say the least – you may find that it is actually a great improvement, as you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up. However you can always use a handy leather cable organizer from Harber London to solve that issue!


Wireless technology does seem to be the focus in the way that things are moving forward, and there is no reason that this should slow down at any point in the near future. With so many different options available, anyone who holds an interest in the development of technology has every reason to be excited.





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