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Everything we know about the iPhone 8 so far

April 07, 2017

The run up to any iPhone release is always filled with rumours and excitement, and this is largely due to the fact that Apple are very much expected to stay at the top of the game at all times – as they are leaders in the industry. With this in mind, the iPhone 8 might be something that you are seriously looking forward to at the moment. You might have everything that there is when it comes to Apple products, including macbook pro leather cases and an ipad leather sleeve but you are certain to be interested in this latest release, too. We will talk you through what we know about the iPhone 8 so far, and it should give you a taste of exactly what you can expect when the phone is released.

Mainly glass design

 The latest iPhone release is likely to be almost unrecognisable from previous versions, with a huge aesthetic overhaul being on the cards. The whole of the front of the phone is thought to be dominated by a glass screen, with just a thin metal frame around it to hold it in place. This means that even more of the screen can be used than before, which is exciting for all of us who like to maximise screen space.


Water resistance

Dropping an iPhone in water is currently one of the worst things that you can do to it, and with this being the case it is many people’s nightmare for it to happen to them. With the new iPhone 8 however, it is tipped to come with an IP68 certification, which means that you would be able to submerge it under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 150cm without having a problem. This is more than enough leeway to drop it in the bath, the shower, or in a puddle – providing you can pick it up right away, of course.


Wireless charging

There are huge rumours that Apple are planning to add a wireless charging capability to at least one of the iPhone models being released. This is exciting, as it brings with it a lot of freedom with regards to charging that currently isn’t available when the device needs to be plugged in.


Function area

If you’ve been used to the home button on your iPhone, then it seems more than likely that you’re going to have to wave goodbye to it, thanks to the introduction of a new function area. This is similar to that of the latest MacBook Pro model, so if you have one of these then you will be familiar with it. It is quite a change, but should allow your phone usage to become more personalised and tailored to you – which will make things much more enjoyable.


Generally, if you’re a fan of Apple then this could be the most exciting and extensive overhaul in all of the iPhone releases. There are certainly steps being taken to make sure that Apple keep up to date with technology, so the release should be awaited eagerly.



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