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Convenience and Elegance within Easy Reach: Leather Zip Coin Wallet

April 09, 2018

For the man who rarely takes a break and wants to keep his cash, coins and cards safe at all times while making a style statement that speaks to the ages – a leather zip coin wallet is exactly what’s needed.

A sleek and stylish coin purse will have just the right mix of function, form security and aesthetics. These men’s designer purses come with a middle zippered compartment which keeps cards, cash and coins tucked away safely inside.

A handcrafted leather purse made from the finest craftsmen in Spain will not only speak to your exceptionally good taste for leather goods, but also give you the peace of mind that all your personal information and money is safe no matter where you are, or how busy you might get.


Leather Zip Coin Wallet

What Makes a Really Great Leather Coin Purse?

In your quest for ultimate style, elegance and practicality, there are certain attributes you need to pay attention to; for they play a critical role in not only serving the intended purpose but also ensuring longevity and integrity in the face of everyday wear and tear.

Leather Quality

First and foremost, consider the leather grade of your wallet with coin pocket. Anything that says “top grain leather” should be avoided. These are simply hides with an uneven surface which are sanded down and covered in resin to conceal imperfections. At the end of the day, you’re looking at a leather purse that feels more plastic than anything else.

What you want to go with is Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather which adds a lot of character to your coin purse, since it ages naturally over the years and decades.


The second most important thing to look for is the construction – leather wallets are either made in a “cut edge” way or “turned” way. In the former, once the leather has been cut and stitched together, resin is used to coat the edging. Over time, this resin fades away and reveals frayed leather underneath.

With the latter, leather is thinned down into finer layers before the stitching process, which creates a seamless bond. Leather stitched this way ages beautifully as they form a unique patina over time. You may see natural marks over the years, which may be deemed as a true statement of natural quality rather than defects.

Pleated Corners

Observe the corners – the edges of your leather wallet should have pleated corners, which are bonding areas thinned down before they are rounded into a strengthening corner. If this corner is a perfect right angle, the wallet has been poorly crafted.


Leather Zip Coin Wallet

Harber – Quality and Panache for the Style-savvy     

Never again do you have to worry about losing your everyday essentials like credit cards or currency – get Harber’s leather wallet with coin pocket which is compact and elegant, yet roomy enough to securely hold your daily essentials.

Handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain, the front pocket lets you conveniently carry credit cards while the zip pocket can be used to effortlessly tuck away coins and folded cash.

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