Benefits of upgrading to the iPhone 7

October 27, 2016


If you are a gadget fan, then there is a major chance that you could currently be tempted to buy the latest iPhone – the iPhone 7. However, if your current phone is functioning perfectly well, you may be wondering why you should upgrade, and what benefits it could bring to you.  At Harber London, we have put together some reasons why an upgrade should be on the horizon.

A better battery life

The battery life of a smartphone has been a key issue for many of us for years, and Apple seem to have made at least some progress with this. The battery in the new iPhone is both bigger and more powerful, and this can offer you an extra two hours of battery life. While it doesn’t sound like much, if you find that your battery gives up half way through your commute from work, this extra time could make all the difference.


A much improved camera

Although the camera is still 12MP just like the previous model, it is able to take much brighter and outstanding pictures. Thanks to the fact that so many of us enjoy taking photos to share on social media, this is something that is certainly going to be a huge selling point when it comes to people making the decision about whether to upgrade or not.


Water resistance

This model has made great progress when it comes to its protection against water, and this means that if your phone gets splashed it may no longer be as much of a problem as it would have been with previous models. However, you need to be aware that the seal that is in place would still be damaged by salt water, and this means that if you’re planning an undersea shot while on holiday – don’t.


A more adequate basic storage

In past models, 16GB versions were available, however this was an issue for many thanks to the fact that the OS takes up so much space, without even considering anything that you might then want to put on the phone. Now, the basic model comes with 32GB of storage, which should be more than enough for the majority of people to use.


What about the headphone Jack?

Yes, we have heard it all. When Apple first removed the CD ports from their laptops we all lost it. And here they are again doing the same thing with their phones. Perhaps it was time, or is this another clever marketing strategy to sell other products and licenses? Although we certainly agree that unpopular changes need to be made, we aren't so sure whether the rest will follow right away. However they tend to lead the way and after all the recent altercations with Samsung, it's most likely going to be easier for Apple to impose their vision in regards to wireless usability. 


If you are a fan of all things tech, then this upgrade may seem like a no-brainer even before you consider the additions that have been brought forward from previous versions. However, even if you don’t have a huge amount of knowledge about software or devices, you should see that there are clear benefits to owning this device, meaning that you can truly make a difference when it comes to the experience that you have of being a phone owner. There are certainly many ways in which the iPhone 7 would be able to transform your life and enhance it thanks to the advances that have been made.

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