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An Easy-as-cake Guide to Making Your Own Cable Organiser

June 19, 2019

Cable organisers are such wonderful contraptions – keep your headphones, phone charging cables and everything in between nicely organised and use them instantly without ever going through that awkward moment where you’re trying to untangle an entire maze of cables as people curiously look on.

Outlined in this guide is a really useful hack that will take you maybe 5-10 minutes to complete: your own DIY cable organiser.

Make Your Own Cable Organiser with This Guide

Step 1

Decide on what type of Velcro (fabric hook-and-loop fastener) to use. If you’re a complete newbie in this department then give the following a quick review:

  • You can buy your Velcro in any colour as long as it matches or contrasts with your felt in an appropriate way. To eliminate all confusion, go with white.
  • Even though the 3/4” width is common you can also use 7/8” or 1”
  • Avoid the round shaped-pieces and go for the square ones or a single long strip
  • Both the non-adhesive and self-adhesive type is okay; for the former, you’ll need hot glue to attach it properly

There are generally two parts to Velcro: the male part sports the hooks while the female one is where you’ll find the loops. It’s important to know which is which because this will help you wrap up your cables securely.

Now gather your supplies:

  • Paper template
  • Hot glue gun
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Felt in two contrasting (ideal) or matching colours

Step 2

Use the template to cut out a large piece from one of the felts, and a smaller piece from the contrasting one. Now you have two pieces of felt that will be layered on top of each other.

Step 3

Add a little hot glue to the top part of the felt only, all the way along its edges. Press down the top felt piece onto the larger bottom one.

Step 4

Hot glue your Velcro on the backside of the larger felt in the following pattern:

  • One quarter inch male piece with the centre placed a quarter inch from the small tip
  • One 1.5 inch female piece with the centre placed 3.5 inches from the large tip
  • One 1 inch piece with the centre placed an inch from the large tip

Now hot glue your Velcro again but this time on the back of the smaller piece of felt; one 1 inch female piece with the centre placed at 3.5 inches from the small tip or end.

Step 5

Well done, young Padawan! You’ve finished making your DIY cable organiser – that hardly took a few minutes, no?

Now neatly wrap your cord and place it down in the new DIY organiser; fold the short tip down and attach the Velcro; roll your cord over just once; pull the tab up and re-attach the Velcro – and, voila! 

Prefer something with a touch of luxury and uncompromising style? Check out Harber London’s one-of-a-kind leather cable organiser collection.

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