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A Practical and Stylish Way to Extend the Life and Brand New Feel of your iPad

March 18, 2019

You just got yourself a brand new iPad – well done! But, now what? Sure, you could just go down the el natural route and continue to use it as-is – however, you should consider this:

While iPads do look reasonably robust, given their hulking slabs of glass and aluminium, they can be delicate – deceptively delicate at that. They’re practically screaming for protection.  

Given the plethora of options available as far as protective iPad cases go, one must give thorough consideration to what it takes for an iPad case to be considered high quality and good value for money.


Harber London iPad Leather Folio

How to Pick a Quality iPad Protective Sleeve

Picking up a quality iPad case depends on what kind of mileage you like to get out of your tablet – for instance, do you use it mostly while travelling? Does it sit around on an office desk most of the day or do you also use it at home, moving between different spots?

Like majority of iPad users, you’re tablet is probably seeing a lot of moving back and forth from your home to the workplace and back. Protective tablet cases come in multiple material types like rubber, silicone, real and fake leather, polyurethane, etc.

Choices may range from hard/soft back to those which have extra padding. For outdoor use, where somewhat harsh environmental factors come into play, a water resistant case coupled with a screen protector will prove useful. Either way, weight and composition are two things you should consider when selecting the right iPad cover.

If you’re the type who’s mostly around and about and find yourself dealing with unsavoury weather conditions from time to time, then you’re going to want a sleek leather protective case that not only snugly fits your iPad like a glove – but also protects its ports, plugs, camera and other sensitive areas that may be subject to getting damaged through dust, dirt or moisture.

The right level of grip is just as important – you should be able to grab our iPad cover with ease when in a hurry, plus, it should also be easy to clean when the need arises.

Perhaps you’re also looking to use your iPad case as a stand, in which case, it should offer adequate viewing angles in landscape and portrait modes. Additionally, it should also be sturdy enough to hold your tablet in place without tipping over.


Harber London iPad Folio Leather Sleeve

Harber London – Unique iPad Case Styles for Every User  

At Harber London, there’s a complete range of quality and pure leather iPad cases to choose from. For instance, the iPad leather sleeves line-up will fully protect your iPad in a backpack or purse, offering simple to use slide-in designs and an additional pocket to keep a card or two.

The Folio iPad Pro EVO case, on the other hand, provides complete front to back protection while also offering the option to store your Apple Pencil.

At Harber, there are options aplenty for the stylish and savvy iPad user – browse through our complete iPad protective case collection today.

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