A Blessing for Messy Frequent Travellers: Harber London Nomad Organiser Series

November 19, 2017

Carrying your travel essentials in an organised manner is probably the least important thing on your mind as a frequent traveller. After all, you probably have more exciting and important things to do prior to the big trip. However, worrying about your passport getting bent out of shape or not being able to find pennies at the last minute to call for a luggage trolley is something you can avoid very easily. Make it easy on yourself by organising everything conveniently in one compact place?


What Good Organiser Means for the Typical Traveller

•    More pockets, convenient storage

The big bag you are carrying might have a lot of room for your daily accessories, but it can get quite awkward having to search for your phone charger when it is tangled up with all that clutter inside your bag. You certainly do not want to end up in a situation where the taxi-driver is persistently asking you to pay up and get out of his taxi!

An ideal accessory organiser typically has more than the standard number of pockets and slots to help you easily carry every possible travel accessory you might want to take with you. Common accessories travellers usually carry with them can range from credit and business card holders, a phone charger, headphones, key holders, smartphone and coins to a pouch, pen, tablets, USBs, passports, maps, and tickets. In most cases, a small notebook also comes along for the ride.

•    Durability

It is easy to give into the temptation of buying a poor quality and cheaply made organiser ormulti-pocket bag as those are available around every corner today. However, smart travellers always buy good quality products as a one-time investment rather than getting buyer’s remorse after making a low quality purchase every few months. Another major downside of cheap organisers is that you will eventually have to deal with worn out or even ripped inner linings and torn stitching details. Leather good aficionados often choose leather products merely because of their durability, which is something that will give you great usage for years on end, and the best part is even after several years of use, it looks almost wear-and-tear free.

•    Handiness

Organisers need to be handy enough so that they can be easily carried every day and practically everywhere. The perfect size is usually something that can fit into a larger bag or just large enough to be slung over your shoulder. Using a well-made organiser should not only be convenient but also a pleasurable experience in its own, every time you open it to fetch a much needed item.

•    Trendy look

Leather goods have this classy feel and aura that never seems to go out of style. Pure leather goods are something almost anyone might fancy, no matter what their age. The trendy traveller typically goes for leather-made wallets or purses which, besides being durable, are super-handy and look great with any attire. Earthy urban originals are the new in thing these days anyway.

•    Material and Quality

To put it simply, the material of your purse or wallet also determines how long it will last. Artificial leather and fabric-based organiser purses are likely to last a lot less than genuine leather products, as they are super-strong, durable and boast a much higher quality and feel.Comfortable, stylish and durable leather material has always stood the test of time.

If you are looking for a trendy, convenient and durable accessory organiser, then a Harber London quality leather organiser is just what you need. Check our entire range of stylish leather products that are not only irresistible but come in a variety of styles and look to complement your individual style. Harber London organiser bags are unique as they are made from Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather, which is your seal of quality when choosing leather products that are genuine and reliable. The designs are simple, functional and have a classy feel to them. So protect your everyday accessories while travelling, and enjoy high-quality style and panache on the go.

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