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5 Ways to Take Superb Shots with Your Camera

June 10, 2019

A common question many recreational photographers ask themselves is: “How do I take the best pictures? Do I need to upgrade to a more expensive camera and lens?”

With DSLRs becoming more affordable, recreational photography has become a very popular hobby among the general public. However, many folks end up buying expensive gear that they don’t even need – in a bid to take better photos.

Taking great photos does not require expensive camera equipment – in fact, even an entry-level DSLR will get you almost 100% there. Here are ways to best utilise your camera in order to take stunning photos:

Snap More and Snap Often

This seems rather obvious, as practice makes perfect. Simply put, the more photos you take, the more you’ll learn. Use every chance you get to take photos – whether it’s the first thing you do after waking up or a few snaps before bedtime. By taking photos at different times of day, you get to learn how your camera works under different lighting conditions.

All the while, when pictures don’t come out the way you anticipated, you can start researching more by reading books and articles and particularly visit online forums, as there is a ton of stuff you can learn from more seasoned photographers. Keep at it and you will learn to transform your mistakes into real skills.


camera strap

Join a Photography Club

A quick online search will show you all the local and online-only photography clubs you can join. Majority of these clubs are free to join or even if they are not, the monthly fees is not something that will burn a hole in your pocket.

By joining photography clubs, you can firsthand learn valuable insights and even get to attend local events that revolve around recreational photo-taking. Use this opportunity to build some relationships and learn from the pros.

A Tripod Always Helps

If you already don’t own one, then we’d highly recommend that you do. Why is this important? Simple: a tripod can open up a world of interesting options for photography in low lighting conditions. You’d be amazed at the kind of stunning and mind-blowing photos you can take – be it the city nightlife or nocturnal life.

A tripod lets you capture really sharp photos of non-moving objects while blurring out moving objects, making for some really interesting and dynamic night-time photos.

It can also prove very useful for taking photos of the moon, lightning, sunsets, fireworks and much more. 

Experiment More with Angles

Are u still taking photos in standing position at eye-level? There’s no harm in getting down on your knees and taking snaps from a different perspective. Taking photos from low angles can yield superb results, especially if you’re taking photos of people and animals.

Photography Workshops Good Use of Time and Money

You don’t need to spend a fortune – you can enroll in certain photography workshops for just £15 to £40. Workshops are a great way to quickly learn proper photography from the pros. 


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